Callbox for Windows 10


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Callbox is a new, unique on the market Communicator VoIP allows telephone calls to the network. Its main advantages are: ease of use, high quality and low price calls, making phone calls without the use of credit cards, as well as the lack of any paperwork related to the use of the application. No need to log in, give an e-mail account set up - the application was downloaded from the internet is installed with two clicks of the mouse and it is ready for operation. Callbox is a simple solution to the transmission of voice through the Internet. To use cheap Callbox, just download and install the program, as well as to buy the card Telepin of any denomination. The program is very easy to use - after dialing the number, enter the PIN code of the card and talk for a pittance. Money is not kept on any account, are assigned to the code from the card Telepin. It is a safe and secure way to spend money on the Internet - without giving your credit card number, without cumbersome procedures do transfers, giving full control over costs and, more importantly, providing the possibility to connect to any computer on the network.